Application Of Internet For Business

Internet has tremendous impact in today's business. This technology is applied in each and every business sector in several ways. They are as under :

Application Of Internet For Business
Application Of Internet 
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1. Website: Each and every organisation has a website which is used by each and every stake holder in more than one ways. The website besides clearly displaying The Vision and Mission of the company to the Global audience can accept payments, conduct online service etc.

2. Search engine: Search engines are a highly powerful tool for finding out information. Every business uses  search engines for literature survey  comparative analysis of different available products / service.

3. Software: various software such as WORD to PDF converter, Skype, certain antivirus software, operating system etc. Are freely  downloadable using internet technology.

4. Email : Almost every business organisation send more than one email everyday to ensure quickest and accurate delivery of information from one place to another place.

5. Internet : Using internet technology many organisation setup intranet among its employees to promote group work, work from home etc.
6. Online advertisement: Website are a very powerful medium  of online advertisement at a minimum cost.

7. E-Commerce :  An extensive application of internet is in e-commerce application i.e. manufacturing a product in one part of the globe and selling them in another part of the globe after getting orders through the website is a very popular E-Commerce application oriented website.

8. Globe Market : Internet being a network of networks naturally generates a global markets for each and every product or service in a business.

9. Distribution of information : Through the deployment of internet technology , distribution of information take place at a speed of light from one part of the earth to another. The distribution of information is a vital business activity.

10. internet offer voice and video conferencing and the minimum cost of business house located at the different geographical location easily enter into direct interaction with one another

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