What Is DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) ?

A DMZ or a Demilitarized zone is now a days very commonly used as a security mechanism against potential security threats. DMZ is a host computer or DMZ maybe a small network of computers which is implemented and configured as a neutral zone place in between the private network of a company and the public network outside organisation.

What Is DMZ (Demilitarized Zone

 Because of its insertion in the neutral zone as we have just mentioned above it prohibits outside user from getting a Direct Access to the server of the company where the confidential information of the company is placed.

 Unlike the implementation of firewall        ,implementation  of DMZ is less popular. However organisation that implement DMZ though goes through the process of incurring some extra cost, has a more secured approach than the security available implementing only the farewell. moreover implementation of DMZ is like the implementation of proxy server.

After DMZ is implemented a separate host computer receives the request from the user who are connected to the within the private network of the organisation to access the website or to access the resource that are available in the public network outside the organisation. After  the receipt of this request on the DMZ provides respective season against each of these request on the public network.

For people who are not part of the organisation they can also access a dmz too. however people accessing from the outside do not know under normal circumstances that they are accessing the DMZ of the organisation. for example: the DMZ may have in it the web pages of the company so that it is accessible from the outside world.

 It is to be noted about DMZ that :

1. For those who are trying to access the DMZ  from and within an organisation it is to be noted that DMZ  is unable to send any request back to the private network.  it can only perform the tasks of forwarding the data packets that are being requested to be forwarded.

2. For those end user who are trying to access the DMZ  from and outside the organisation DMZ  does not provide any access to any data which is confidential to the company itself. On the event if any end user able to break the security that was offered by the DMZ  the maximum damage that can be caused is the webpage of the company may be corrupted. However the information and the database of the company would remain undisturbed.

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