What Is Antivirus Software? How Does The Antivirus Software Work

           What Is Antivirus Software 

The only alternative which was available to the companies prior to the invention of antivirus software was permanent removal of the virus infected files, once it was detected. This was a very costly affair as most of the files contained valuable information in it. With advancement in the field of science and technology more types of viruses came into existence and as a consequence security threats became more and more alarming. 

What Is Antivirus Software? How Does The Antivirus Software Work
What is Antivirus Software 

  Antivirus software is a utility software which came as a very common preventive measure against the various security threats. 

   Antivirus software has an inbuilt scanner in it which thoroughly scans each an every file which is present in the hard disk of any computer system. During the process of scanning of the files by the antivirus software what actually happens is the antivirus software looks for some particular types of codes whether it is present in the files that are being scanned by the antivirus software. The antivirus software at the time of its installation or at the time of its upgradation has a prior knowledge of the codes of the existing virus softwares . As soon as any such code is encountered by the antivirus software, they are automatically removed by the software. However, it has been observed that antivirus is enable to remove the virus, though it can detect the infected file. Under such circumstances the file needs to be deleted. Therefore, maintenance of prior backups of files in compulsory. 

  Antivirus software after its successful installation and up to date upgradation can very well prevent the computer from virus attacks, even before storing the files in the hard disk of the computer system. Please note that antivirus never provide 100% security to a system, however it is a  very strong and highly recommended preventive measure. 

How Does The Antivirus Work 

▪︎One very common principle based on which antivirus software works is known as signature- based detection method where the antivirus software after it is installed, Updated and executed searches for known patterns of data within the malicious executable codes.

▪︎ Every powerful antivirus has its own database containing the data required to detect and eliminate malicious codes. These database contain a series of virus definitions of signatures as well as unique patterns of bytes specific to each  and every piece of malicious code. 

▪︎There are many cases where a computer is infected with new types of malicious codes whose signature is yet known to the antivirus software after it is installed updated and executed within a system. To take care of this Types of threats a heuristic approach is used.

▪︎ One such heuristic approach is known as generic signature, through which antivirus softwares can identify new malicious codes or variations of existing malicious codes in the existing files and thereby detect and eliminate those malicious codes,  at the first available opportunity. 

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