What Is Firewall ?

One of the most popular Internet Security tools is the firewall. It is a system or group of systems that ensure security between an organisation Network and the internet. 

What is firewall

The firewall plays an Instrumental role in determining which inside services may be accessed from outside the organisation, which outsiders are allowed to access the inside services and which outside services may be accessed from inside the organisation.

 It is a subset of the entire organisation overall security policy that creates a barrier to protect the information and the other resources of the organisation from being the accessible by unauthorised person.

For a Firewall to function effectively, any form of data to and from the internet must pass through the firewall where it is checked. The firewall must  permit only authorised data packet to pass through.

However no Firewall system cannot offer any protection once a hacker has managed penetrate through the firewall itself.

What is firewall

Before setting up a Firewall every organisation should:

• Compulsory provide published security guidelines to aware the user about the responsibilities.

• There should be specific security policy in black and white regarding specific network access, service access,  local and remote user authentication, Data Encryption, virus protection measures etc.

• Arrange for adequate employee training for the entire organisation for security related matters.

• All potential points of any portable network attack must be protected with the same level of network security.

Before going to design a firewall the following factors must be considered by the network administrator :

 • The security policy is applicable for the entire organisation.

 • The cost of the design, implementation and the maintenance of the firewall.

 • That constituents that is the required to build up a Firewall system.

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