What Is Internet ? Definition On Internet

What is Internet ? Definition Of Internet 

The term Internet which is very popularly referred to as “ the Net" is obtained from the two terms ‘ Interconnection‘ and  Networks.  It can be be defined as a globally spread system of computer network where end users can share and transfer information on those connected computers. Hence it is often called network of networks. In order to have a clear concept of Internet, let us try to go through the historical development of Internet. 
What Is Internet ? Definition On Internet
Definition Of Internet 

   In 1969, U.S department of defence tried to connect computer at different US Universities through ARPA ( Advanced Research Projects Agency). The network thus established was known as ARPANET . The main objective behind US department of defences in setting up such a network that is a network which would have more than one path so that the network would be strong enough to survive even in major disasters like an earthquake or after any nuclear war. Even if one section of the network is distributed or damaged, the remaining network would function normally .


    At the initial phase , ARPANET was a large network which could provide service only to few end-users connected to it. It could include only four host computers.  The concept of host computers was very much similar to today’s servers facilitating transfer of files. Within a very short time ARPANET had larger number of hosts connected to it. However the concept of linking computer through network started in Europe in 1973.

What Is NSF ?

    NSF created a network which was named as NSFNET . NSFNET was much higher in capacity in comparison to ARPANET , By this time ARPANET was not Only But Also it was overloaded as well . The link which existed between ARPANET , NSFNET and other networks was named as Internet.  Since NSF net did not allow any type of private business to be conducted through them, in the mean time , several private organisations had also set up individual network connections using similar protocols as used by NSFNET. 

   ARPANET was permanently stopped in 1990. However commercialized Internet Service were expanding since 1990 and was finally available for commercialization in 1995 after government funding towards NSF project was stopped in 1995. 

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