What Is Trojan Virus?

 A Trojan is a malicious code which requires a host program for its execution like a virus. It is alternatively also known as Trojan Horse. The name Trojan Horse is taken from Greek mythology. This malicious code can you steal data or damages system in a number of ways possible. The fundamental difference between virus and Trojan horses is unlike virus frozen’s do not replicate themselves.

Trojan virus

 Trojan can destroy information in any one or more of the following was as mentioned below :

1. It can delete existing files within a system.

2.  It can upload or download unwanted files in a computer.

3. Is can crash the hard disk in computer and destroy all the store information.

4.  Through internet Trojan can easily spread speed within each and every node connected to a particular network.

5. Trojan can infect a system through free games, free movies, free songs, IRCs (Internet Relay Chat)and other freely downloadable elements through the internet.

6. Opening of mail sent from unknown sender with attachment in it they may also invite Trojan  to affect a computer 

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